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The Granary is up and running

We had five weeks over the summer to complete the renovation of one of the buildings to form a base for our care farm helpers. We knew we were up against it but we desperately needed somewhere warm and comfortable for people to eat their lunch and take a break. Demolition work was required first to open two rooms up to form a large dining area that can also double as a training room. Next on the list was to get the building insulated…..the building started it’s life as a grain store and more latterly had been used to house pigs. As you can imagine it had just basic breeze block walls and was cold and draughty……not anymore!! With the insulation in place we had the plumbers and electricians in to ensure we had adequate light, heat and a working kitchen. Then it was over to us……we fitted a new kitchen, well actually we ripped the one out of our house and up-cycled it, decorated throughout and then laid and grouted 720 floor tiles!!

The end result was worth it, we now have an excellent facility for our farm helpers to use. September saw the building being put to good use especially the kitchen where all sorts of goodies were made including loads of blackberry and apple crumbles. I’m sure once the colder weather arrives, if it ever does, our farm helpers will really appreciate a warm comfortable building. The weeks ahead will see us using the Granary for craft activities and hopefully an open day or two (more news and dates to follow).