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List of Jobs

See here for a typical daily jobs list:

1 Feed and water the animals
2 Turn out the horses
3 Muck out stables
4 Clean out the chickens
5 Clean out goats
6 Clean out rabbits and guinea pigs
7 Poo pick fields
8 Help unload hay and stack
9 Water seed trays in polytunnel
10 Plant out vegetables
11 Muck out pigs

12 Assist with trimming the goats hooves
13 Groom horses
14 Paint the barn
15 Make raised beds
16 Sweep yard
17 Cut the grass
18 Move the rabbits and guinea pigs to fresh grass
19 Sort out electric fence
20 Clip the turkeys wings
21 Collect eggs, sort and store
22 Walk the dogs
23 Assist with tagging the lambs, castrating and tail docking
24 Sweep feed room
25 Tidy support building